Wake Up, America

What a disaster!

Even sensible people are calling on President Donald Trump to resign. The gravamen of the complaint against him seems to be that he repeatedly said the election was fraudulent—and that those comments stoked the fury that was on display at the Capitol last Wednesday.

To which the most succinct reply is: nonsense! Trump has only been saying what about a third of the country also thinks. That means Trump is in good company—good company if you like Americans. Of course, if you think Trump supporters are just a bunch of deplorables, then you don’t care much about them, and you probably think they should all go too.

But go where? Not to Hell, because most of the people who don’t like deplorables don’t believe in Hell. Guess they’ll all have to go with the Trumps to Mar-a-Largo.

Of course, the “woke” left don’t really want him to resign: they’d rather impeach him.

But truly, leftists must have no god: Newsmax reported that a source close to the Rasmussen polling company told them that Trump’s approval rating went up, to 51 percent, the night after the breach of the Capitol.

It’s important to focus on what’s actually going on here. The left don’t care about Trump: he’ll be gone in a week any way. What the left want to do is discredit what Trump has accomplished. And they want to discredit his supporters as well. And a lot of weak-kneed Republicans, many of whom never wanted Trump to be president to begin with, some of them in Congress, will go along with it—unless it interferes with cocktails.

Of course people shouldn’t break into the Capitol. But people shouldn’t have looted all across America following the death of George Floyd—who actually may have died of a fentanyl overdose. The refusals, month after month, of the left (the politicians and the media) to condemn the rioting by Antifa mobs and their hangers-on were teaching moments. But what they taught was Rioting 101—or maybe Rioting 301 (a graduate course). We were told, all summer, ad nauseam, that the rioters were just peaceful demonstrators expressing their frustrations with the system. Nothing to worry about here. Keep moving.


But now—of course!—last Wednesday’s demonstrators are criminals. And surely many of them were. But the left-wing politicians and their media allies have no credibility on the matter, which suggests the mob will return. Someday. Perhaps someday soon.

Meanwhile, the left will try to discredit everything Trump has done and everyone who supported him.

His foreign policy successes are significant, but they’re deeply resented by the foreign policy establishment. When Trump told NATO’s member countries to meet their financial obligations, we were told by the left that it would wreck NATO. It didn’t. It made NATO stronger.

His peace-promoting initiatives in the Middle East would have won a Nobel Prize, perhaps several, for anyone else. But not for Donald Trump.

His solicitude for downtrodden blacks in this country was historic. His policies produced the lowest unemployment numbers for them ever. Did you see that praised by the New York Times? Please. We’re being serious.

Trump won about 8 percent of the black vote in November, which was a 2 percent improvement on his 2016 vote. That is a problem—for the left. How do you get away with calling Trump a racist (no, a RACIST!) when more blacks voted for him the second time around?

In September 2019, the jobless rate for Hispanics hit a record low, about 3.9 percent. And in the 2020 election Trump got approximately 32 percent of Latino votes, about 4 percent more than he received in 2016. That’s another problem.

Of course the 2020 election was stolen, as the 1960 election, it’s widely agreed, was stolen: the point being that stealing elections is neither impossible nor new. Richard Nixon decided not to fight. He has been praised (though almost always very quietly, because after all he was, well, you know, Nixon) for not putting the country through the ordeal of that fight. As a result, we got Kennedy, and then Johnson and his Great Society programs, from which the country, and most especially blacks, have never recovered.

Nixon was wrong not to have fought, wrong to have abandoned the Americans who voted for him. Wrong to have set the precedent. Probably he was afraid of the press and their friends.

Trump is not afraid.

If the Republican Party is afraid now, it will disappear. And it will never be missed.

None of this is to condone rioting. But the riot was the sideshow. The main event is what the woke left Democrats (office holders, media baron accomplices, mega-billionaire monopoly tech giants) plan to do to this country: enact left-wing programs, and control the flow of all information.

Pay attention, America. We’re entering a Dark Age.


January 12, 2021
The Epoch Times