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What Do Dementia, A Laptop And Taiwan Have In Common?

Last March I wrote a column, described by some correspondents as overly cynical, about the Democrats’ running a failing Joe Biden while planning to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him after the election. One correspondent called it “over the top.” Another wrote, “[I] doubt if most people share your analysis of Biden’s likely presidential longevity, but some Democrats undoubtedly do. So it is good to get the word out.”

Now the plot thickens. A laptop, purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, has surfaced and is said to contain unbelievably damaging information about the Biden family–China financial connections, as well as the Biden–Burisma scandal.

You can read all the details in The New York Times or The Washington Post.

Oh, no, wait a minute. Those organizations haven’t covered the story. You’ll have to go to Fox News or other non-woke outlets for details.

Time may tell if the laptop actually did belong to Hunter Biden, and if the information is genuine. There are said to be hundreds of, er, remarkable photos of Hunter Biden and people of the opposite sex (Can you say “opposite sex” anymore? Opposite to what? Catercornered sex?) in various poses, which pictures, we are told, are difficult to fake, even for Photoshop jockeys, and which you wouldn’t want either your grandmother or children to see. They may conclusively establish the ownership of the laptop.

But when?

The FBI apparently has had the laptop for months, having obtained it shortly before President Trump’s impeachment. But the FBI did nothing with it. Why not? Will we ever find out? Do we really need the FBI?

Joe Biden appears, now, to be a wealthy man. Forbes magazine wrote last year that Mr. Biden had $8 million in addition to his million dollar government pension. Most of that $8 million seems to have been acquired after he stopped being vice president—but that seems like a lot of money to make in only three years from speaking and writing. A curious journalist might attempt to find out exactly where Joe Biden’s money came from.

Mr. Trump inherited his fortune, and may, according to one anti-Trump news source, actually have diminished it. But at least the public knew where the money came from. And the media practically had a cow when a few foreign potentates stayed at a Trump hotel. Mr. Trump probably made several thousand dollars (excluding tips) from those hotel visits — yet it was front page news.

But no mainstream-media types seem interested at all in Mr. Biden’s somehow raking in enough money to buy the huge houses he now owns.

All that will change after January. His mental problems will be far more difficult to hide then. According to the Washington Examiner, former White House physician Ronny Jackson has said he is “convinced” Mr. Biden is not mentally fit to be president.

“I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,” Dr. Jackson said. “I’ve watched Joe Biden on the campaign trail and I am concerned and convinced that he does not have the mental capacity, the cognitive ability, to serve as our commander-in-chief and our head of state.”

“The best way I can describe him every time I see him is that he’s just lost,” Dr. Jackson continued, adding, “I won’t make any particular diagnosis about dementia. But what I will say is that something is not right.”

So: His mental state is weak, and he has amassed a fortune, perhaps by being involved in sketchy dealings with the Chinese and Ukrainians. For the left-wing, progressive-socialist-woke AOC-Kamala Harris Democrats, that’s heaven (not capitalized here because they don’t believe Heaven is a real place).

In the spring of 2021 they’ll go to Mr. Biden and say, “Look: let’s make a deal. Go quietly and you can keep everything. Create problems and you’ll be prosecuted for your misdeeds, which are shocking [you know, like gambling in Casablanca] and you’ll have to give up everything, and even your children may go to jail.”

What’s a poor somewhat confused president to do? Suppose the laptop files are fake? How will he prove it? Who will come to his aid? Bernie Sanders? Barack Obama? Please.

He can’t expect any help from the Republicans, much as they might prefer him to Kamala Harris. They’re too invested in the truth of Mr. Biden’s failing health and the likelihood that he did have shady dealings. Supporting him would look … opportunistic.

No, it would be curtains for Mr. Biden.

And also, probably, curtains for Taiwan, the U.S. regime-change-crisis making irresistible the temptation for Mr. Biden’s friends, the Chinese, to take over the island. Foreign policy mischief will be irresistible for others of our enemies too.

And then curtains for the United States’ reputation.

What to do? Vote for Donald Trump.


October 26th 2020
The Washington Times

Pence must remind voters Biden is a fraud when debating Harris

“What the H– do we do now?” is what most of the Trump team — but maybe not President Trump — must be thinking after Tuesday’s debate. One comforting thought, perhaps, is that it could have been worse: Mr. Trump could have had a stroke or screamed obscenities or had a number one accident. Where was the 2016 magic — the magic of understanding how to win?

Oh, well: Onto the second debate? Maybe not. Now that Joe Biden has shown he can stand up without aid for 90 minutes, why should he tempt fate a second time? When Mr. Biden backs out of the rest of the debates, Mr. Trump will say Mr. Biden’s afraid. But after Mr. Biden’s performance on Tuesday, that will not be a convincing charge. 

The best the Trump–Pence team can hope for is that Vice President Mike Pence, a seriously capable public speaker and debater, will do the job Mr. Trump didn’t do — and show him how to do it next time. 

The first task for the Pence team is to understand what the goal of the debate is. Mr. Trump seemed to think — assuming he’d thought about it at all — that the goal was to showcase the amazing Trump machismo so effectively displayed at his rallies. 

Wrong. People who like Trump rallies are already committed Trump voters. It’s the other folks, the undecideds, millions of them, who remain the target audience.

The second task for Mr. Pence is to highlight the weak points in Biden’s candidacy. He should harp on those issues regardless of the questions he is asked. 

Mr. Biden is posing as a moderate. Mr. Pence should expose the hypocrisy. He should point out that Mr. Biden refused to say whether he would pack the U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Biden refused to state a position on abolishing the filibuster in the Senate. Would Mr. Biden be party to ramming through Congress a bill granting the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico statehood? Those are key issues, because they go to the heart of whether we remain a two-party country or a one-party “dictatorship” of the left. 

Mr. Pence should relentlessly point out Mr. Biden’s lack of support from the “law and order” community — police unions. The list of unions that have endorsed Mr. Trump is too long to mention. Mr. Pence could rattle off seven or eight of them. Not a single police union has endorsed Mr. Biden. Law and order is a big deal. Mr. Pence should bring it up again and again. And again. 

And when he does he can segue into asking Sen. Kamala Harris, Mr. Biden’s running mate, why she has supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which has provided funds to bail rioters out of jail, as well as hardened criminals, including a man charged with second-degree murder after allegedly stabbing a friend to death, and a man facing charges of sexual assault and kidnapping. Ms. Harris apparently talked other members of Mr. Biden’s campaign into contributing, too. Repeat: Law and order is a big deal. 

Mr. Biden may seem like a nice guy, but he’s a fraud; and Mr. Pence should provide details, especially regarding Mr. Biden’s fraudulent touting of his academic record which goes back decades. 

Mr. Biden said he went to law school on a full academic scholarship. That was a lie. He said he graduated with three degrees. That was a lie.

Mr. Biden admitted plagiarizing when he was in law school, but claimed it was a mistake. Some “mistake”: He’d quoted five pages without proper citation. He was given an F.

That was a long time ago, of course, when Mr. Biden was … young? But then in 1988 he claimed to be in the top half of his class at law school. He actually ranked 76 out of 85.

And in 1988 after he’d been caught plagiarizing whole sections of other people’s speeches, Johnny Carson made fun of him, saying that when his plagiarism was revealed, he reassured his staff by telling them, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” 

Mr. Biden is basically a fraud: He’s been around for 47 years and has not a single accomplishment to his name. Why should anyone think he’d be an effective president — even assuming he can shake free from his left-wing, socialist Kamala Harris handlers? 

Mr. Pence should ask Ms. Harris to name a single important thing Mr. Biden has done during his 47 years in Washington.

Maybe more debates won’t matter. After all, the country is not at war, the stock market is high, and the economy and job market were in terrific shape before the Chinese flu hit. Mr. Pence should hammer those points, too. 

How can the incumbent lose? One way is by being opposed 24/7 by 99% of the media. So what should the Trump–Pence team do now? Focus on the undecideds and look presidential. Mr. Trump might dissent, saying that’s not how he won in 2016. 

This isn’t 2016. 


October 1, 2020
The Washington Times