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The Art of the Steal

Could it be that the folks at The New York Times don’t know that Elder is running for governor in the recall election?

Here’s an experiment that will help you understand why so many people think the 2020 election was stolen—whether stolen by stuffing ballot boxes in the middle of the night or by keeping relevant information from the public (e.g., the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop).

Go to Google and type in “woman throws egg at Larry Elder.” (For those who haven’t the stomach to read anything about California, Larry Elder is the leading candidate [Republican] to replace the current wildly incompetent governor, Gavin Newsom). What comes up on page one of the search? Stories on Fox News, the New York Post, CBS News, Newsweek, Real Clear Politics, Yahoo, and CBS8, MSN—and a YouTube video.

Now: that probably can’t be described as “nothing,” but only CBS and MSN are major. Newsweek is probably thought by most people to have died years ago. The other outfits are all right of center.

Who didn’t cover the story? The New York Times and The Washington Post. But of course, you had already guessed that.

Now go to The New York Times website and type in “Egg Larry Elder.” Those are the key words in this story. What do you get?

The first choice offered is:

“Sports. PRO BASKETBALL: Holding Class on the Court; Larry Brown Takes On Task of Teaching the Young 76ers ‘What the Game Is About.’ Print Edition, October 17, 1997.”

That’s not exactly on topic. Try the second choice.

Second choice is:

“1974: The Year the Golden Egg Cracked.”

Hmm. Could it be that the folks at The New York Times don’t know that Elder is running for governor in the recall election? Have they been too busy praising Biden for his masterful withdrawal from Afghanistan? Let’s see.

What comes up when “Larry Elder” is typed in the search box?


“How did Larry Elder Become the Front-Runner in California’s Governor Race?”


“California’s Recall Election Is Broken.”


“California Recall Vote Could Weaken the State’s Aggressive Climate Policies.”

Ah ha: so, the editors and writers do know Elder is running—and has a chance of winning. And they don’t like it. You will have guessed the pieces are not flattering to Elder.

No mention in a title of the woman, who happens to be white (to borrow phrasing from the past), who threw the egg at Elder, who happens to be black.

The Washington Post also knows Elder is running. Type “Larry Elder egg” in the search box and the first piece that comes up is “Can Larry Elder build ‘movement’ from California recall?” No mention of the egg incident there. But if you read the piece, you will come across, in the twentieth paragraph (of 22), mention of the egg incident:

“. . . a woman bicyclist wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg toward Elder and then took a swing at a member of his entourage.”

If she had been wearing a Nixon mask, we might simply conclude she wanted to be anonymous as she broke the law and attempted to assault someone. But a gorilla mask? Is she implying nasty things about blacks?

Does anyone care?

Is what she did a hate crime? (Should the category “hate crimes” even exist? Answer: Of course not.)

Elder said it was “hard to say” if the attack was politically motivated but that if he were a liberal, the Left would be “screaming about systemic racism.” You know that’s true.

But Elder’s black. And his policies would help blacks—and help destroy the Left’s narrative.

“There’s a double standard here,” said Elder. “There was an article in the front page of The New York Times the other day, all negative about me, not mentioning the fact that I’m black, not mentioning that I’d be the first black governor of California.”

Meanwhile, leftie wokies are cooing about Kathy Hochul who is the first woman/female/birthing person to be governor of New York. Amazing, isn’t it: a woman who can chew gum and be against charter schools for blacks at the same time.

Elder supports school vouchers and charter schools—blacks’ last best hope—which has the education lobbyists (who own the Democrat party) in a panic. After all, he might win.

He also speaks about the homeless problem in California. “I will tell you: 6.5 percent of the population of California is black, but according to a [Department of Housing and Urban Development] study, 40 percent of the homeless population is black.” Does anybody care? Does any Democrat care? That almost looks like systemic racism—in a state owned by the Democrats!

The voters may care. But enough of them?

Every registered California voter has received a ballot in the mail, for which no application was necessary. That’s an invitation to fraud. And some people are claiming that the ballots themselves invite fraud: there’s a hole in the return envelope which shows how the voter voted on recall even before the envelope is opened—and, er, gets lost?

If Gavin Newsom wins, there’ll be a lot of people who’ll think this election was stolen too, as they think the 2020 election was stolen—that Democrats have perfected the art of stealing elections. They may be wrong, but how long can democracy survive when the people have stopped trusting the process?


September 14, 2021

Democrats and Never-Trumpers Own Afghanistan

This is probably the death stroke to NATO, and to US credibility.

And the end came, for Afghanistan, and for the reputation of all the Democrats who had made Joe Biden president and who could no longer pretend that he was remotely competent.

The Democrats own Biden. And now they own Afghanistan. They own the chaos. They own the deaths of the people who held onto, and then fell from, the airplane that took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport—which perhaps the Taliban will rename Osama Bin Laden International Airport, or perhaps Joe Biden International Airport, which would be more fitting.

This is probably the death stroke to NATO, and to US credibility, and a massive gift to Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi. Our enemies are laughing. Our friends and allies are quaking— and hurling well-deserved insults at Biden. The London Daily Telegraph’s headline was “Parliament holds the president in contempt,” and described the criticism as an unprecedented rebuke to a US president.

This disaster is the second kick of a mule. This is Saigon revisited, only worse. Much worse. Those Democrats will own the street gangs of Taliban thugs going door to door to murder the women and girls who took “Gender Studies” courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. The Democrats own it all.

Colin Powell owns Joe Biden. Here’s what Powell said at the Democratic National Convention: “Joe Biden will be a president we will all be proud to salute. With Joe Biden in the White House, you will never doubt that he will stand with our friends and stand up to our adversaries—never the other way around. He will trust our diplomats and our intelligence community, not the flattery of dictators and despots. He will make it his job to know when anyone dares to threaten us. He will stand up to our adversaries with strength and experience. They will know he means business.” Colin Powell owns Afghanistan too.

Barack Obama said in his speech at the convention, “Joe knows the world and the world knows him.” It sure knows him now. Obama definitely owns Joe Biden. And he owns Afghanistan.

Biden himself said (this is cringe-worthy): “I’ll be a president who’ll stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our adversaries, the days of cozying up to dictators is over. . . . I’ll always stand for our values of human rights and dignity.” Yup. You bet.

It was predictable, and predicted, that there’d be blood flowing in the streets of Afghanistan. And then on August 26 there was: in an attack on the airport, 13 U.S. servicemen were killed and 18 wounded, and 170 Afghans were killed and scores more wounded. Unbelievable carnage.

And the Democrats own it all, the Democratic office holders, and their media shills. And all their Trump Derangement Syndrome supporters who made it possible. This is their moment. This is their triumph. Lights. Camera. Action. Screen shots. This is history. This is their history. Who will ever be able to forget it?

Answer: It probably wasn’t even recorded on social media—or if it was, it’s probably already been scrubbed. And if you bring it up and ask any questions about it, you may be designated by the national security boys and girls (if they can tell themselves apart) as a domestic terrorist.

What’s next? A lot!

The Democrats own the crisis at the southern border too; illegal immigrants pouring across the border, by the hundreds of thousands, bringing crime and disease. They own all of that.

Because they own Biden.

And now there’ll be a lot more refugees, coming from everywhere, riding the wave, not even having to sneak across the border: just strolling across, bringing whatever they have to offer—disease, fentanyl, crime, pleasure killings: the Democrats own all of that too. All of it.

Because they own Biden. They all own him. Him and all his senility. They own it all.

Anyone can see Biden is at best senile—he struggles for words and thoughts, even, in one video, to find the path back to the White House.

What calamity, what catastrophe is next?

Now surely the time for invoking the 25th Amendment has come. If not now, when? If not to remove Joe Biden, whom?

But they won’t do it because they get their power from keeping the senile Joe Biden in office. Their power and their salaries. These are “public servants” mainly, which means they are getting paid far more than they are worth, far more probably than they could get in what’s known as the “private sector,” a sector many of them disdain.

It’s important to remember the perfidy of the Democrats and all the other Biden-enablers. Some of them may try, now, to absolve themselves, by saying Biden has become senile. Of course he’s senile now, but he was senile when they supported him during the 2020 campaign.

But it’s worse even than that. He’s also stupid—and everyone knows it—so stupid he lied about his law school class ranking, which was easily exposed. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said of Biden, “He’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” which is just what you’d expect of a man stupid enough to lie in public about his law school class ranking. The Democrats own Joe Biden. They own his stupidity. They own his senility. And now they own Afghanistan.

This is as low a moment as America has suffered—perhaps ever. It’s time for Joe to go, but you know he won’t. He’ll remain, a senile giant, lurching from disaster to disaster, always supported by the sycophants, the media suck-ups, and the unbelievably and irredeemably corrupt politicians.

So the end came for Afghanistan. And so the end can come for everyone.

Even for us.


September 1, 2021