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Biden Powercrats vs. America

Democrats are bad enough. But there’s more to bemoan: The number of Republican office holders in Washington willing to fight is abysmally small.

People who for years were considered reasonable by their friends are proving blasé about many of Joe Biden’s disastrous policies, and their friends wonder why. Part of the answer is that many of Biden’s newfound allies were so afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they lost the ability to think critically. Now the question is, have they lost the ability to think critically forever? Many of the NeverTrumpers were once Republicans and, given that, should be expected to be skeptical of anything a Democrat like Biden proposed. But are they? And if not, why not?

It’s not just that the Biden policies are awful. It’s that they are contradictory. 

The Biden Administration is now promoting COVID vaccination “passports”—proof of vaccination—and will likely soon be requiring them, or at the very least urging states and businesses to require them. Requiring proof of vaccination either is, or is not, a good idea. But if proof of vaccination can be required for doing anything, why shouldn’t proof of identity be required for voting?

“Oh, no!” we are told by the administration, “Voter ID laws are racist!” Biden himself said there is “an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote. We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole, since the Civil War.”

That’s hyperbole, of course. But here’s the problem: blacks are also among the most vaccine-resistant. If urging voter ID, as many on the Right are doing, is considered racist, why isn’t demanding vaccines for employment? Why don’t people recognize the glaring inconsistency? Most civilized countries require proof of identity for voting. A majority of Americans (one poll puts the number at 81 percent) favor requiring a photo ID to vote. In Europe, most nations—including such bastions of progress as Germany, France, and Norway—require voters to have a government-issued photo ID in order to vote. But the Biden Administration says the requirement is racist.

This is ridiculous. Something else is going on—two things, in fact: the administration wants to scare blacks into thinking whites and Republicans are racists; and not requiring a photo ID makes cheating easier. Democrats know cheating is the only way they can win elections.

There is also the administration’s glaring inconsistency regarding restrictions on Americans who might have the Wuhan flu but not on illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border in record numbers, perhaps as many as 2 million of them by the end of this year. Many of them, thousands in fact, have tested positive for COVID-19. But the Biden Administration doesn’t give a damn. Why do the illegals get a pass, but not American citizens? 

Biden has called on Congress to pass what he calls “common-sense gun reform.” He says he wants to ban “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines. But why? And what’s an assault weapon, anyway? 

Bidenistas define an assault weapon as any semi-automatic weapon. Semi-automatics account for up to 25 percent of the approximately 400 million privately owned firearms in the country today. Do the Bidenistas plan to confiscate 100 million guns? The congressionally mandated study of the 1994–2004 federal “assault weapon ban” found that it did not reduce crime, in part because “the banned guns were never used in more than a modest fraction of gun murders.” One study puts the number of mass shootings (defined as one in which four or more people were killed) from 2006 through 2017 at 271, with a total of 1,358 victims, an average of 124 per year. Last weekend, seven people were killed in Chicago alone, bringing the total number of homicides this year to 433.

Biden wants to confiscate guns owned by law-abiding Americans but can’t find a word to say about the slaughter in Chicago. And of course, it’s part of the Democrats’ plan to release criminals back into society, for reasons that are murky: mostly because Democrats say the prosecutions of these criminals were racist. Try that line on the terrified residents of Chicago.

The Bidenistas claim to want to lower carbon emissions, but then they support the manufacturing of lithium-ion car batteries, which requires mining that is hugely polluting and deadly to child laborers, while celebrities and politicians fly private.

They decry the January 6 incursion into the Capitol, but have little to say about a whole summer of rioting across America in which at least 25 people were killed, and property damage topped $1 billion. And while Bidenistas are releasing felons all over the country, some of the January 6ers charged with crimes are still in jail. 

And on and on and on.

It is tempting to say the Biden Administration and its co-conspirators are behaving the way they are in order to win future elections. But even that isn’t true: the heavy betting now is on the Republicans’ taking the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms. So what is going on?

Partly, Democrats are driven by the desire to destroy America and her institutions in the hope that even if (actually “when”) Republicans win again they won’t be able to put America back together. These people don’t like America—why else would they let the homeless take over public spaces, defecating in the parks and streets? They don’t like the people who are typical Americansthey are now cheering a census report that shows the number of whites in America has declined. (Can you get more racist than that?)

It’s time for Mr. and Mrs. America, wherever they are, to realize Bidenistas despise America and hate Americans like them. 

The other part of what drives Democrats is the quest for power. They don’t really care about politics as we normally understand it: which policies will best serve the American people. They care only about which policies will best serve their hold on power. 

Less clear is why Biden enthusiasts support his policies. They don’t get the perks of power. Perhaps they just enjoy hating America? Why else support critical race theory and the “1619 Project”? 

Democrats are bad enough. But there’s more to bemoan: The number of Republican officeholders in Washington willing to fight is abysmally small. Nineteen Republican senators voted for the Biden faux infrastructure bill. At least three of them (Senators Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, and Rob Portman) are retiring. Pray that the rest do, too. 

Despite all the awful policies that come, one after the other, from Washington, however, there is a glimmer of hope in the land beyond: Conservative parents are organizing to take over their town school boards. That’s where the revolution—the counterrevolution—has to begin.

That’s where it has begun. 


August 18, 2021
American Greatness

5 Things Donald Trump Should Say Once He Gets Back On The Debate Stage

Herewith are five responses to likely questions — not ‘answers,’ but responses, because it’s what the president should say whatever the question may be.

President Trump has one more debate, scheduled for Oct. 22. He needs to learn how to talk in short sentences. Even Vice President Mike Pence should have had more coaching. He wasted a lot of time, saying things like, “Errrrr [shake head like Reagan], thank you, Susan [pause].” Four seconds wasted — about 13 words, e.g.: “Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are in the pockets of the Chinese financial interests.”

Herewith are five responses to likely questions — not “answers,” but responses — because it’s what the president should say whatever the question may be. They’re about 300 words each, which a practiced speaker can easily deliver in two minutes.

They cover some of the topics voters are said to be most interested in. Two are about the Chinese Flu, because that is, unfortunately, the number one issue of the day. It is, obviously, not the most important issue, but it’s the issue the left-wing media are harping on because they think it’s their best chance of unseating Trump.

The president is trailing badly in the polls. He needs to up his game. Here’s how.


I want to talk to you about the Chinese Flu. First, I call it the Chinese Flu because it came from China. Joe Biden doesn’t like to blame the Chinese because his son, Hunter, has extensive financial dealings with China, which he developed when he flew to China on Air Force Two while Joe was vice president.

Second, the media are fixated on the number of reported cases. But why? Why are we so concerned about how many people get sick? The news media don’t normally publish the number of flu cases every year. In the 2017–18 flu season, an estimated 80,000 Americans died of the flu.

But did you read or hear a single news story about that number? Probably not. People get sick all the time, but we don’t panic. And we shouldn’t panic now either.

Democrats want you to panic, because then they can take control of your life: they can shut your business, your school, even your church or synagogue. And they have.

But remember: what matters is not how many people get sick. What matters is how many people die from the Chinese Flu, and who they are.

For people age 65 and under, the survival rate is about 99.94 percent—that is, roughly speaking, everyone. So we should stop panicking and stop counting every flu case. When you count cases every day, people worry every day—even when there’s no need to worry.

Old people should worry. They should be very careful. This disease is dangerous for them. But it’s not very dangerous for the rest of us.

We need to stop counting cases, stop being afraid, and stop listening to fear-mongers in the media. We need to go back to work and back to school. And back to the business of being Americans.

2. On Race and Crime

I want to talk about race and crime. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are basically anti-American. “Anti-American” is not just a debating term: it means Biden and Harris fundamentally don’t like the American people. Biden said recently, “[Racism is] not just in law enforcement, it’s across the board. It’s in housing, it’s in education, and it’s in everything we do.”

Biden is not complaining about a few nasty people, or even about some sicko Nazi-type white supremacists. He is saying most Americans are awful people. He said the problem is much broader than “systemic racism in law enforcement.” Biden said, “It’s in everything we do.” He’s talking about you.

Harris said recently that “the reality is that the life of a black person in America has never been treated as fully human.” Really? That’s rubbish, and you know it’s rubbish—and it’s rich, coming from a woman who has no objection to late-term abortions (which are disproportionately black babies).

These racist comments come from a man who served with the first elected (and reelected!) black U.S. president; and from a black woman, who has climbed the ladder of success and become a U.S. senator. What a country!

But Biden and Harris don’t like this country. They don’t like America. They don’t like Americans. And they don’t like you. They think you are deplorable, just as Hillary Clinton thought you were deplorable.

And they don’t care at all about black Americans who are killed regularly on the streets of Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, and the other big cities run by Democrats for decades. Hundred of black people have been killed this year alone in those cities. Have you heard Biden say, even once, that those black lives mattered? No, he’s too busy calling you a racist.

Joe Biden doesn’t like you, and his policies will reflect that dislike.

3. On Health Care

Health care is important to all Americans, and we know from experience that we can’t trust what Joe Biden says about health care. When he was vice president, he and his boss told us that if we liked our health-care program, we could keep it. Remember that? Well, it was a lie, a deliberate lie, and one of their people, one of the architects of their program, admitted they lied. You can look it up.

Under Biden’s new plan, the government will run all health care. Your private plan will vanish. We will have socialized medicine. As you may know, people from places like England and Canada come to America for health care. Why? Because they are afraid they will die waiting for treatment in their own country’s socialized medical systems. And they know they will get better care here.

I have said repeatedly that my administration will protect people with preexisting conditions, but Biden continues to lie about that — because he doesn’t want you to notice that his program is socialized medicine.

My administration has expanded the use of Health Reimbursement Arrangements. With HRAs, employers can subsidize workers’ individual-market premiums and out-of-pocket costs instead of providing a health plan directly. That’s important because it gives workers the freedom to choose the coverage they want, and to keep that coverage when they change jobs. That puts the American people in control of their health care instead of the government.

My administration has also made short-term limited-duration insurance plans a practical option. Short-term plans fill gaps in coverage when, for example, people switch jobs. And because they’re not subject to the premium-inflating rules of Obamacare, they tend to be much more affordable. Joe Biden doesn’t like HRAs — because they’re not a government program.

4. Revisiting the Chinese Flu

I want to make a few more comments about the Chinese Flu.

First: It’s front-page news now, but in only a few months, it will be behind us, and we’ll move on to other, more important issues like what kind of an economy we want; how we’re going to handle China; how we keep peace in the streets. Make sure you understand the difference between Joe Biden and me on those important issues. He, his running mate, and his entire party are essentially big-government, left-wing democrat socialists, who have been condoning violence in our streets. I am a traditional American who believes in free enterprise and law and order.

Second: Biden talks about “following the science” on the Chinese Flu. But Joe obviously doesn’t understand science. Science doesn’t wear a white coat or talk into a microphone. Only scientists do those things. And scientists differ. Joe Biden thinks there’s only one correct way to handle the Chinese Flu — his way. That’s nonsense.

Third: Biden claims my administration did not handle the Chinese Flu correctly. No doubt we made mistakes — this was a novel situation. But one thing we did do right, and right in the beginning, is we stopped people coming into this country from China. But when we did that, Joe Biden called it “xenophobic.” He would have allowed sick Chinese to continue to pour into the United States and infect Americans.

Fourth, and this is most important: we need to be brave and stop being afraid of the Chinese Flu. We need to show some true American grit. We will survive this. We should all go back to work and back to school. Old people should be very careful. But the rest of us need to go back to Making America Great Again.

5. On the Stakes in This Election

This is the most important presidential election we’ve had in decades. As you know, Joe Biden has refused to say if he will pack the Supreme Court. He says if he answers it — c’mon, man — that will be all people talk about. He’s right. And I’ll tell you why.

Biden and the Democrat Party plan to turn this country into a single-party state. They will do that by eliminating the Senate filibuster, packing the Supreme Court, and voting the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico into the Union. That will increase the number of Democrat electors in the Electoral College, and Republicans will not win a presidential election for—who knows?—the next 50 years.

We will then have a single-party state — like Venezuela, Cuba, and Russia.

A packed Supreme Court will have the votes to take away both your First and Second Amendment rights. One of the first things the thugs in single-party Venezuela did when they took power was to confiscate the people’s guns. It will happen here too, with the approval of a packed Supreme Court.

That is why, whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent, you should vote Republican this time. Because if you don’t, it may not make any difference how you vote next time.

Of course, there are other issues in this election — there always are. What should the minimum wage be? What kind of health insurance should we have? What should our policy be toward China? People disagree on those topics — and they always will.

Some people may not like me — but remember: even if I win, I’ll be gone in four years. But if Biden wins, his party, the radical Kamala Harris social democrats, will be in power for the rest of your life.

So, vote Republican this time, so you’ll have a choice next time.

Thank you for listening. Good night. And may God bless America.


October 16, 2020
The Federalist