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Citizenship, Immigration, And Race In Biden’s America

The partisans push for the end of voting.

As thousands of illegal migrants from all over the world invade this country—some of them sick with Covid-19 and some surely criminals—they are not just unstopped by border patrol agents (acting under the president’s orders) but actually encouraged by the president himself to come illegally. Meanwhile, Attorney General Merrick Garland has issued a warning to states about…voting rights.

We pause for just a moment to burn three pinches of incense (four, and we’d have to get EPA approval) to the great goddess of Delay who kept Garland off the Supreme Court. Garland, dishonestly promoted by his backers as a “moderate,” is a rabid partisan you wouldn’t want to see serving on a traffic court.

Garland’s “warning” about voting rights was just left-wing Biden administration blather. “The right of all eligible citizens to vote is a central pillar of our democracy, and the Justice Department will use all the authorities at its disposal to zealously guard that right,” he said.

The point of his remarks, of course, was to scare black Americans and divide the country. States have been passing sensible voting laws designed to prevent the chaos deliberately engineered by Democrats before the 2020 election—under the guise of making it easier to vote during the Wuhan pandemic—from happening again. That’s why Democrats are cranking up new Chinese Flu restrictions now: so they’ll be in a better position to loosen voting requirements again before the 2022 elections.

Speaking at the National Constitutional Center in Philadelphia on July 13, Biden said there is “an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote. We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole—since the Civil War.”

And neither is this hyperbole: That’s a load of hay.

But Biden and Garland have a problem: the Supreme Court recently upheld a new Arizona voting law that will make it harder to cheat. A newspiece in the New York Times put it this way:

The Supreme Court on Thursday gave states new latitude to impose restrictions on voting, using a ruling in a case from Arizona to signal that challenges to laws being passed by Republican legislatures that make it harder for minority groups to vote would face a hostile reception from a majority of the justices.

But an NBC columnist, Scott Lemieux, no doubt expressed the Times’s real thinking:

On the last day of its current term, the Supreme Court…continued its war on voting rights with its decision in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee. And though Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion attempted to strike a modest tone while giving states more leeway to make it harder for people of color to vote, it is clear that this court will smile upon even the worst vote suppression efforts being undertaken by Republican legislatures.

So what’s a poor Biden administration to do? Answer: try to scare black Americans into thinking racism is rampant in the Republican Party while flooding the country with illegal aliens to whom, in the name of equity, the right to vote should be given.

You have to admire the chutzpah of the Democrats—and wonder if Republicans have any of their own. Democrats complain about voting laws, while not enforcing immigration laws. The federal government is supposed to enforce those laws by “arresting, detaining, and removing noncitizens.” When was the last time that happened? Where is Merrick Garland when the law is undeniably being broken, and to a massive extent?

The number of illegal aliens crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is at the highest level in more than 20 years, and many of them have Covid-19—but hey! Who cares? U.S. Customs and Border Protection has said it caught more than 180,000 migrants in May. That was up from 178,000 in April and 172,000 in March, and in fact was the largest monthly total since April 2000.

Why? Because Biden discontinued a number of Trump’s immigration policies, especially constructing a wall at the border and requiring migrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while they wait for their cases to be heard.

The Biden administration is currently flying illegals from Texas to other places—mostly to Republican states, apparently. Then the Democrats will push to grant them all citizenship and—presto!—Democrats will win elections until the country collapses.

Here is some icing on their cake: a guest essay in the New York Times by a far-out left-winger named Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, described as “a journalist who has written extensively about citizenship.” Her piece is titled: “There Is No Good Reason You Should Have to Be a Citizen to Vote.” Do not read it unless you’re on life support and not expected to survive.

Now do you get it? The Biden administration intends to flood the country with lawbreakers, promise them amnesty from precisely the lawbreaking that got them here, and then let them vote by sending in a Corn Flakes box top with an “X” on it.

We’ll see how long Garland’s “eligible citizens” voting standard retains any meaning in the most woke administration in history. And how long this country, the Land of Hope, will survive when voting is uncoupled from citizenship and a belief in the rule of law.


August 18, 2021
The American Conservative

Reimagining Donna Brazile

Loose lips sank ships and caused carnage at sea during the Second World War. But loose lips today—mouthing the Democrat Party and Black Lives Matter police brutality canard—cause carnage in America’s inner cities.

Donna Brazile, a Democrat operative, wrote this recently in the Wall Street Journal:

As a black woman, I’ve experienced plenty of discrimination… [I]n the past year I’ve watched the same videos and read the same accounts that millions of people around the world have seen—images of police killing unarmed black people in American cities. I cried over these horrific killings.


Except it’s really not right, it’s mostly wrong. People in the public policy space should know better.

Last year this writer took after Catherine McGehee, the headmistress (you can still say “headmistress,” but not “headmaster” and certainly not “house master,” at least not at Yale) of Foxcroft, a girls’ finishing school in Middleburg, Virginia. McGehee had said, “We struggle with the loss of yet more unarmed Black men and women, which regrettably continues as a cruel legacy of our nation’s racist history.” We remarked that if Ms. McGehee had bothered to determine how many “unarmed Black men and women” had been “lost,” she might not have had to struggle so much.

If McGehee had bothered to look up the statistics, she would have discovered that, in the year in which she struggled so much, just one unarmed black woman was killed by police, and nine unarmed black men were. Of the 10 killings, only two resulted in criminal prosecution because the rest were considered justified.

Ms. McGehee runs a secondary education organization, while Ms. Brazile, au contraire [see below], is a public policy maven—she’s the person who helped Hillary Clinton cheat in one of her debates with Donald Trump, and she is a former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

“Au contraire,” incidentally, means “to the contrary” in French, a language many schools have probably given up teaching, much like Princeton has given up requiring Latin and Greek in the Classics Department(!) because the “history of our own department bears witness to the place of Classics in the long arc of systemic racism.”

Of course, a viewer can’t tell, as she watches killings by police on television, how many of them will not result in criminal prosecution. Even so, there wouldn’t seem to be enough to justify Brazile’s phrasing (“images of police killing unarmed black people in American cities,”) which implies, obviously, multiple images. Yet that was her phrase, and written in a column, not ad-libbed in an interview.

Maybe Ms. Brazile thinks two unjustified killings is a scandal requiring wholesale uprooting of policing and the broader criminal justice system. But adults, at least those who don’t help people cheat on exams, might ponder that number (it was two) in relation to the population of the United States, which is about 340 million.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the “defund the police” movement has been causing havoc and death, especially in black communities, and you might think that would receive special attention from people like Donna Brazile.

Murder is up everywhere. According to the Council on Criminal Justice, “Homicides, aggravated assaults, and gun assaults rose significantly beginning in late May and June of 2020. They jumped by 42 percent during the summer and 34 percent in the fall when compared to the summer and fall of 2019.” This trend has continued. Murders are up 800 percent in Portland, 56 percent in Minneapolis, 40 percent in Philadelphia, and 27 percent in Los Angeles.

Some people have blamed the Chinese Flu, but murder rates in other countries have not gone up. In this country, however, crime rates have soared where Democrats have “re-imagined policing,” which is woke-speak for defunding, or cancelling, the police—even as Princeton has re-imagined the Classics by giving up Latin and Greek.

Brazile’s piece may have been primarily about anti-Semitism, but someone in her position obviously can’t resist playing the race card. Too bad she couldn’t spare a few tears for the dozens of black Americans killed in the inner cities by other black Americans in the last few months, though not—alas?—on national television. Now there’s a scandal, and one that far outpaces police misconduct.

But unfortunately for the people who live in the inner cities, that carnage is not a scandal easy to blame Republicans for, and so it will be forgotten or ignored—as World War II is soon likely to be. After all, President Roosevelt described it as “a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization,” which does not align with the woke ideology.


June 8, 2021
The American Conservative